1 Verify Your Coverage

Every plan is different, so it pays to understand the specifics of your dental benefits – especially what is and is not covered. Log in to your secure subscriber account to see your benefits and eligibility. If you need to register for an account, check out our guide to creating a new subscriber account.
If you think you may need treatment in excess of $400, ask your dentist to submit a pre-treatment estimate. That way, you will understand your full financial responsibility upfront. No matter what plan you have, you’ll have the lowest out-of-pocket costs when you see a Delta Dental PPO provider.

2 Select a Dentist

Does my dentist participate?

If you have enrolled in a Delta Dental plan through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace, you MUST use a Delta Dental PPOTM provider to get benefits. If you use a non-PPO provider, you will be responsible for the full charges

Non-Participating Providers: Some plans allow members to visit non-participating providers, but it always means greater out-of-pocket costs. If you’re considering a non-participating provider, check your plan documents carefully to make sure you’ll be covered. And plan on paying more than if you went to an in-network provider. You will be responsible for the difference between the amount your plan pays and the full charges from the non-participating dentist.

If your dentist isn’t already part of your Delta Dental network, you can recommend them for participation by completing an online form. We’ll review your dentist's background, then send participation information and an invitation to join the network.

Please note that a recommendation doesn’t always result in network participation. It’s each dentist's decision whether or not to join.

3 Schedule an Appointment

You do not need to present an ID card when you visit the dentist. You may print your ID card from your secure subscriber page to take to your appointment. You can also pull your ID card up directly on your smartphone if you have our free mobile app. Schedule regular preventive visits with your dentist to keep your smile and your body healthy.

4 Now Smile

Your oral and overall health are strongly connected . . . and you’ve just taken steps to protect both of them. After your appointment, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). For help understanding this document, go to our Guide to Understanding Your EOB.